• Dark Pasts
    Overall Winner, FAC Open Exhibition 2017.

    FAC Cube 37 Gallery.Theme: "Connections"

    The submitted piece is from the my conceptual "Mirrors" photo essay, which focuses on Tasmanian landscapes that have been inverted and combined to create various surreal scenes. The process used furnishes a high contrast, high detail black & white image with a Selenium colour cast to emulate film processing. The resulting images have very fine detail that contrast strongly with the white base.

  • Identity
    Overall Winner, Ron Rado Memorial Prize 2017.

    Walker St. Gallery.Theme: "Re-imagining Sunbaker"

    This image is my interpretation of the concept of “Identity”. I see my own identity being intrinsically linked to my parents through my varied and convoluted heritage.

    My father intrinsically embodies this heritage, and naturally I chose him as the subject of my portrait. My aim was to depict the influence he has had on me over the years, lifting me up, giving me my start in life. I wanted to this image to be from my viewpoint, and to reveal the care, guidance and nurturing that dad has brought to my life.

  • Invisible World
    Winning Entry, People with Cameras - Melbourne 2017.

    Theme: "Substance Abuse"

    This image is one of a set of 5 images that combined to win the 2017 People With Cameras competition at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne. The task was to take a series of images that produced a narrative on the theme 'Invisible World'. The concept is a photography version of 'Theatre Sports' with groups having only 45mins to plan, shoot and edit their entry.

  • Lost in the City
    AIPP Emerging Photographer Prize - December 2017 .

    Flinders Lane, Melbourne.
    Theme: "Narritive Portrait"

    This piece is a composite montage of several elements that aims to describe a narrative of an urban scene where relationships are juxtaposed in different forms of portraiture. The scene background is a wall mural by "Smug" which is displayed on La Trobe St. in Melbourne.

  • Traffic Exhibition
    Excellence in Photography Award 2017.
    Think + Imagine Exhibition.
    Cube 37 Gallery.Theme: "Outside-In"

    This is a conceptual piece from my photo essay on inside spaces filled with elements of the outside world. This scene combines the often-photographed Flinders Street intersection in Melbourne with the interior of the Royal Exhibition Buildings.

  • Escalation
    Finalist, Clique Competition, 2016.
    Sydney Morning Herald.Theme: "Motion"

    This image was chosen as a finalist in the Clique competition of the Sydney Morning Herald and was the first photo of mine that achieved significant peer recognition. The piece is part of a photo essay is essentially a "conceptual self-portrait" of my passion of being a photographer.

  • Pied Heron
    Finalist, Ron Rado Memorial Prize 2016.

    Walker St. Gallery.Theme: "A tribute to David Hockney"

    This image is my interpretation of a classic David Hockney photo montage. His inspiring legacy of art, both in paint and photography challenges concepts in how time is depicted within the visual arts.

    My piece, comprising 9 separate images, shows a passage of time unfolding as a Pied Heron; bathed in a sliver of light, searches for food in a stream.